Mireplica® Evaluation Software

The Mireplica® Evaluation Software includes the full programming environment (the C++ class library) and C++ source code for example applications. Execution is either native on the development host (using the class library only) or on an optional cycle-accurate hardware simulation of a specific platform instance. The class library and simulator are provided as a library file that is linked either to the example applications or user-written applications. The Mireplica® Library files support development on Visual Studio 2019, Ubuntu 18.04, and CentOS 7 & 8 (other Linux distros may be compatible with one of these distros).

Additional packages are available under stricter license terms. These can include source code, available at no cost, for the architectural reference model. This permits a detailed view into the operation of the platform, but is not high-level-synthesizable. They also can include a version of the source code that is high-level synthesizable to RTL. More information on these packages is available here.